Hello! My name is Jennifer Myers
I have collected my most relevant works I believe that best represent me for your company's vacant 2D Concept Artist position.
I currently work as a 2D artist for TwinRayj Studios. The work I have done for game-related contexts are all under NDA (though I am VERY excited to share my work in the future).
-Proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Clip Studio
-Familiar in Blender, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects
-Proficient in Acrylic paint, Graphite, Prismacolor pencils, Gouache, Watercolor
-Familiar in Oil paint, Inking, Charcoal
A short summary of my resume, otherwise click here for detailed page.
Trained in Anatomy, Perspective, Composition, Color Theory
at Kendall College of Art and Design BFA 2020
Cartoon Stylized Character Concepts
Cartoon Stylized Character Illustrations
Realistic Character Illustrations
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